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Universal about our All-day Tours

Our all-day tours are the best we have to offer. It is an all-day enjoyment with people close to you, where our experienced skippers take care to experience the Šibenik coast in the best way. The start of our excursion is usually from 9 in the morning until 6 afternoon. They also include:

  • Skipper
  • Boat fuel
  • Carbonated as well as alcoholic beverages like wine or beer
  • Lunch packs consisting of meat preparations such as prosciutto and other salami as well as cheese, with a salad such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or green salad
  • Dive mask for children

Taxi boat Baltić ALL-DAY TOURS

Kornati National Park is an archipelago with over 140 uninhabited islands. It is dominated by one of the largest islands called Kornat, and throughout history, it has been inhabited. The biggest attraction is the “crowns”, ie the cliffs that stretch on the western side of the national park. Also on the island, there are a lot of beautiful bays where we can “hide” so we can enjoy and explore the area. As you can imagine a national park in the middle of the sea means that the sea is crystal clear as it contains a lot of life. Although our tour contains lunch packages in the national park itself, you have a dozen restaurants that offer top and fresh specialties of local and foreign cuisine, which we can visit at your request. Our trip offers you sightseeing and enjoying the most beautiful and hidden beauties of the National Park.

Includes extra

Tickets for the Nacional Park are in the price.

Taxi boat baltić ALL-DAY TOURS

In this offer for a full day trip, we have combined two half-day trips into one for those who want to use the day and explore in detail the Šibenik area that offers a handful of beauties. Although everything is flexible, the idea of ​​the trip is to start from Šibenik or somewhere nearby and through the canyon of the river, Krka to reach the small town of Skradin and there board the boats of the Krka National Park. There you will see a handful of vegetation as well as beautiful waterfalls and other sights. Then the boat is waiting for you in Skradin, where the boat will take you from the National Park and you can see Skradin. Then we go through Prukljan Lake where we can if you want to anchor in one of the bays and take the opportunity to swim or maybe enjoy a drink or our lunch package. Then we get out of the fresh water and go to the sea towards one of the three islands, Zlarin Tijat or Prvić, where each offers something for everyone. The island of Zlarin is a small place known for corals, so near the place, there is a coral museum and beautiful beaches. Tijat Island is an uninhabited island with a beautiful beach bar that offers top-quality cocktails, just what you expect for summer enjoyment. We can also anchor and simply experience everything on board with the beautiful and clean sea. And the third island is an island with two small places with lots of quality restaurants. We save this island for the end so you can dine by the sea in one of the many restaurants, but there are not always beaches where you can take advantage of every ray of sunshine that day.

Does not include

Tickets for Nacional Park


Archipelago Tour

This is another full-day trip that will allow you fewer boat rides and more enjoyment of the beauties of the Šibenik archipelago. With this trip, we target those who want to enjoy only the clear sea and beautiful scenery without a lot of people around them. This trip offers the already mentioned three islands, Zlarin, Prvić, and Tijat, and an additional 2 or 3 islands, which would be the island of Žirije and Kaprije for sure, and, if you wish, anchoring in one of the many bays in the Šibenik archipelago. So this trip is not strictly strict where when you have to be, but everything is left to you. So you can decide how long we will stay somewhere and what exactly you want. We will try to achieve that.

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