Taxi Boat Baltić – Half-day Tours

About our Half-day Tours

Our half-day excursions are completely private and the ship is constantly with you. In other words, knowing the practice of other providers of similar services. The boat will always be waiting for you at the place where it disembarked you (or somewhere nearby due to maritime rules) while you are touring a certain place or another. With this, we guarantee the quality of our service as well as its flexibility. In other words, half-day trips are not strict and can always be adjusted according to your wishes.

Our half-day excursions include:

  • Skipper
  • Marine fule
  • Children’s diving masks

Taxi Boat Baltić – HALF-DAY TOURS

Rivijera Tour

Riviera Tour is our most popular trip that does not take much, and you see very beautiful places. With the pleasure of a speedboat ride, you can see as many as three islands with all their beauties, and everyone will find something for themselves. Although the trip is flexible, the idea of the trip is to first visit the island of Zlarin, also known as the coral island, where you can find coral muses and beaches in a small place with a beautiful clear sea. The other island is the island of Tijat which is uninhabited and there is only one beach bar which with its summer atmosphere and view of the bay Tijašnica full of anchored boats gives a real summer atmosphere. Also, if you are not willing to stay in such a bar, we can always anchor in the same bay and enjoy the beautiful clear sea. And the third island is its two small towns and numerous restaurants with fresh food and local cuisine that will satisfy all, but if you are not hungry there are always beaches with the clear sea that all our islands enjoy.


Flexible, from 3 to 5 hours.

Taxi Boat Baltić – HALF-DAY TOURS

We have prepared the best possible offer for a trip to the Krka National Park. The idea of the trip is that by departing from Šibenik in one of our speedboats we reach the hideouts and then board the boat of the Krka National Park, and visit the entire park. In the meantime, my speedboat and I are waiting for you in Skradin, where a boat from the national park will take you back. when you return from the national park you can stay and see the town of Skradin, if not, we can go to Pukljansko Lake and anchor there in one of the bathing coves because the new rule prohibits swimming at the foot of the Krka waterfalls. After swimming, we return through the Krka canyon towards the starting position.


From 3 to 6 hours


The panorama tour is a short trip for those who want to taste the pleasure of boating and along the way see Šibenik and its canal from another perspective. With this view, you can see how Šibenik has been a very important city in Croatian history throughout history. Also with this ride, our drivers will tell interesting historical moments related to Šibenik and show you some of the interesting places such as the Fortress of St. Nicholas and Hitler’s eyes. Yes, you read that right … 🙂


Around 1 hour

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